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Tien Giang Department of foreign affairs

Add: 63,30 April street, Ward 1, My Tho city, Tien Giang province, Vietnam

Tel: 073.397 1223   Fax: 073.3 978 444




- Advising leaders to regulate functions, duties and working relationships between the divisions of the organization; to manage the organization structure and personnel, to perform regulations and policies regrading salary and incentive provision, training, appointment, dismissal, award and discipline for the staff as stipulated by the law and assigned by the provincial People's committee.

- Advising leaders to manage finance and assets provided, and to spend the allocated budget in accordance with the law and assigned by the provincial People's Committee; to purchase equipments, facilities and  related logistics served for activities of the organization.

- Advising leaders to organizae training courses on foreign affairs and global integration for provnicial officials.

- Drafting working programs of the organization; summarising, collecting data and making reports on  provincial foreign affairs and global integration as well as on special subjects as stipulated or assigned periodically and unexpectedly to Provincial People's Committee and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

- Advising leaders to perform administrative reform program in accordance with targets and contents as approved by Provincial People's committee, to do science and technology application in the practice; to build information system, data storage bases to serve for state management missions and the professional practice of the organization; to coordinate with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to build database system of local foreign affairs and global integration.

- Providing logistics to receive in-coming foreign delegations and advising to choose service delivery units for out-coming delegations headed by provincial leaders.

- Performing other duties as assigned by the Director of Department.


The Consular and Overseas Vietnamese Division is a functional division under the administration of Tien Giang Department of Foreign Affairs. It is responsible for assisting the Director in performing duties regarding consular affairs and Vietnamese residing abroad as follows:

- Proposing leaders on coordinating with relevant agencies in dealing with consular affairs such as next of kin, assets, travel, residence, marriage, nationality, deportation and return... as prescribed by law and the international treaties which Vietnam has signed.

- Proposing leaders and provincial People's Committee on permitting provincial officials' traveling abroad.

- Proposing leaders and provincial People's Committee on permitting provincial businessmen and officials' asking for using APEC Business Travel Cards (ABTC).

- Proposing leaders on managing the activities of the Steering Committee on East Sea, Marine Islands and Coastal Areas of Tien Giang province.

- Proposing leaders on the protection of legitimate rights and benefits of provincial Vietnamese citizens migrating abroad.

- Proposing leaders to deal with issues of human rights and the protection of human rights.

- Proposing leaders on coordinating with relevant agencies to implement the MIA program (finding Americans missing in war) in the province.

- Guiding provincial officials through the procedures of applying for, extending and adjusting diplomatic and official passports.

- Receiving the application for consular certification and legalization.

- Coordinating with relevant agencies in management of overseas Vietnamese issues.

- Coordinating with relevant agencies to handle the cases of foreigners' having accidents, being homeless or violating Vietnam laws in Tien Giang province.

- Coordinating with relevant agencies to solve cases of Tien Giang vessels and people violating foreign territorial sea as well as cases involving foreign people and vessels violating the territorial sovereignty of Vietnam.

- Implementing tasks related to cultural diplomatic sector.

- Implementing foreign information task, Tien Giang Bulletine, website, coordinating in management of foreign press activities in the locality.


The division's responsibilities are to give advice on the management of foreign affairs and international cooperation as follows:

- Proposing decisions, directives,  long-term, 05-year and annual plans, programes, schemes and projects of foreign affairs and international cooperation.

- Acting as the representative agency of provincial Party Committee and People 's Committee with diplomatic missions, consular corps and representative offices of international organizations in Vietnam.

- Proposing issues regarding provincial economic diplomacy; promoting and introducing provincial potentials and strengths; supporting activities regarding the promotion of trade, investment, and tourism and protection of legitimate benefits and interests of provincial economic oganizations overseas.

- Proposing the signing and implementation of international agreements with foreign partners.

- Organizing and managing international conferences and workshops.


Advising leaders  to implement functions of inspection and supervision domestic and foreign individuals, organizations in compliance with the government's policies and laws on foreign affairs; performing the administrative and specialized inspection affairs in the locality.


- Providing and promoting the tasks of external oriented information delivery on provincial achievements of cultural, social- economic developments, the Party's foreign policies, the central and local government's regulations; providing domestic and international news for local people and enterprises; supporting in delivering news on economy, business and international trade law to enterprises in the province.

- Providing translation and interpretation for foreign delegations when visiting the province, provincial delegations to go abroad, conference, seminars involved in by  foreign organizations and individuals as requested.

- Providing consultation on Vietnamese laws, administrative procedures, consular notification and legalization for foreign organizations and individuals who learn about investment and business opportunities; supporting in making programs and organizing survey trip for delegations to visit the province and delegation to go abroad.

- Providing consulting service of investment, immigration procedures, temporary residence card, working permit, passport and services relating to foreign elements, etc.

- Providing consultation on related laws for local, foreign organizations and individuals learning about investment opportunities, doing business in the province, in the country and overseas.  

- Providing services of leasing land, buildings and houses, employing experts, providing employment for foreign organizations and individuals; consulting and instructing procedures for foreign organizations and individuals who want to set up representative offices in the province.

- Organizing, co-organizing events with sponsorship or participation of foreign organizations and individuals; providing services for events with foreign elements in the province.

- Supporting, consulting in calling for sponsors and non-governmental organizations for units in demand in the province.

- Organizing and co-organizing training courses relating to diplomatic expertise, protocol, etc for foreign organizations and individuals in demand.