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Looking back on the 10-year journey of Department of Foreign Affairs of Tien Giang province
Looking back on the 10-year journey of Department of Foreign Affairs of Tien Giang province - 13/04/2021

​In recent years, the foreign affairs and international integration have contributed significantly to maintaining a peaceful and stable political environment, mai...

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Tien Giang reached most of the targets of the year 2019 development plan

Looking back to the Year of the Pig 2019 which was over, despite many difficulties of the provincial socio-economic situation such as drought, saltwater intrusion, lack of freshwater for production, erosion along river and sea banks, widespread African Swine Fever, unstable prices of agricultural products, high increase of petechial fever, time-consuming clearance and compensation for large projects..., thanks to patience and efforts of the whole political system, people and businesses, the socio-economic situation of the province in 2019 continues to achieve positive results compared to the same period last year, especially in the fields of industrial production, trade, tourist attraction, budget revenue, investment attraction, newly established businesses, credit growth, etc. Some specific results are listed as follows:

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  - First of all, in terms of economic growth, GRDP is estimated to increase by 7.26%, reaching the proposed target.  Therein, agriculture, forestry and fishery sector increases by 3.17%, industry and construction sector by 12.19% and service sector by 7.55%. Compared to the other 12 provinces and city of the Mekong Delta, Tien Giang province continues to be ranked top in terms of GRDP growth rate. GRDP at the 2019 prices is estimated to reach 90,077 billion dongs (~3.92 billion USD); GRDP per capita reaches 51 billion dongs (~2,217 USD).

- Economic restructuring has been ongoing toward increasing the share of non-agricultural sectors and reducing that of agricultural sector. Agriculture, forestry and fishery sector reduces from 37% in 2018 to 36% in 2019; industry and construction sector increased from 26.6% to 28.7%; service sector slightly decreased from 36.4% to 35.2%.

- Total social investment capital in 2019 is estimated to reach 34,521 billion dongs (~1.5 billion USD), increasing by 10.5%, reaching 100.1% of the plan. Therein, in 2019 the province is expected to attract 24 domestic and foreign projects with total registered capital of 13,592 billion dongs (~591 million USD), an increase of 82.5% in comparison with the same period last year.

- Regarding the implementation of ODA projects, the province currently has 04 ODA projects in operation. They are Mekong Delta Region National Urban Upgrading Project - My Tho City Sub-project, Greater Mekong Sub-Region Flood and Drought Risk Management and Mitigation Project, Low Carbon Agricultural Support Project and Vietnam Sustainable Agricultural Transformation Project. Estimated disbursed capital in 2019 reaches 438.3 billion dongs (~19 million USD), reaching 87.51% of the year plan.

 - Industrial output value in 2019 is estimated to reach about 87,846 billion dongs (~ 3.82 billion USD), increasing by 9.9% in comparison with the same period last year. Industrial output index increases by 11.1% compared to the same period.

- Output value of the agriculture, forestry and fishery sector is estimated to reach about 51,203 billion dongs (~ 2.22 billion USD), increasing by 4.17%. Therein, the agriculture sector increases by 2%. Regarding the construction of rural areas of new development model, by various sources of capital from central to provincial and commune levels and local people's contribution, etc., it is estimated that at the end of 2019, there will be 30 more communes meeting 19/19 criteria and the My Tho city completed its target, which will raise the number of communes meeting the standards of development for rural areas of new model in the province to 90/144 communes (occupying 62.5% of the total number).

 - In terms of export turnover, it is estimated to reach 3.25 billion USD, increasing by 18% compared to the same period last year, reaching 106.5% of the year plan. FDI businesses account for over 74% of the total export. Industrial products still occupy the largest share of over 80% of the total turnover. Specifically, the turnover of textile, garment, leather and footwear products continues to increase 26.6% in comparison with the same period last year; copper pipes slightly increases 37.7%; For the export of agricultural products, seafood is the main product, accounting for 90%; the rice, fruit and vegetables account for a small proportion. Among export markets, America is still the biggest (38%), followed by Asia (37.8%), Europe (19.4%) and then Oceania and Africa.     

- Import turnover is estimated to be USD 1.94 billion, increasing by 38% in comparison with the same period last year, reaching 107.9% of the plan. FDI businesses account for about 90% of the total turnover. Major imported commodities are normal metals as raw materials (about 23% of the total turnover); materials for textile, garment, leather, footwear and handbag (about 19.4%); machines, equipment (about 27.7%); and the remainings are cattle feed and pharmaceutical raw materials.

- Service sector has achieved a higher growth rate compared to the same period last year, reaching 6.97%. Total retail sales of goods and service of the entire year are estimated to be 62,059 billion dongs (~ 2.7 billion USD), increasing by 10.1% compared to the same period last year, reaching 100.1% of the year plan. The total number of tourists' arrivals in Tien Giang province reaches 2.1 million; increasing by 4% compared to 2018 (those of international tourists are 850 thousand, increasing by 5% compared to 2018). Total tourism revenue reaches 1,141 billion dongs, increasing by 15% compared to 2018.

Business development has continued to obtain better results thanks to positive solutions of the Provincial People's Committee in encouraging start-up spirit and creating a wave of excitement in the provincial business community. In the year the estimated number of newly-established businesses is 750, increasing by 7.1% in comparison with the same period last year, reaching the proposed target. Their total registered capital is 7,000 billion dongs (~304 million USD). Until the end of 2019 in the whole province there have been 5,565 businesses in their operation.

Total budget revenue from local economic activities in the entire year is estimated to be 11,206 billion dongs (~489.5 million USD), reaching 121.1% of the year estimate, increasing by 27.6% compared to the same period last year. Total budget expenditure of the entire year is estimated to be 16,508 billion dongs (~717.7 million USD), reaching 145% of the year estimate and increasing by 34.4% in comparison with the same period last year.

Banking and credit sector has done good steps of development. The operation of commercial banks in the province has been stable with guaranteed prestige and without any undesired problems. Until the year-end the total mobilized capital in the province reached 68,792 billion dongs (~2.99 billion USD), an increase of 8,448 billion dongs compared to early this year with the increasing rate of 12.4%, attaining 106.5% of the year plan. In term of credit until late this year, it is estimated to reach 55,227 billion dongs (~2.4 billion USD), an increase of 6,782 billion dongs in comparison with the beginning of the year, with the increasing rate of 12.7%, reaching 100% of the plan. 

Cultural and social sector has also had positive changes and social security has been maintained. Policies of poverty reduction have been implemented consistently and effectively. Policies for people with meritorious service have been implemented fully and promptly. Plentiful and diversified recreational activities for people have been organized. Activities of culture, sports and popularization have been implemented in various forms, focusing on welcoming public holidays and important events of the province and the country such as: the 4th Dong Hoa Hiep Ancient Village Culture and Tourism Festival 2019, the 340th anniversary of establishing the My Tho city, the 90th anniversary of the traditional day of Vietnam Trade Union, the 60th anniversary of the traditional day of Vietnam Border Guards...

Education and Training sector accomplished key tasks of preschool education, general education, continuing education in the 2018-2019 school year. The "Children - Go-to-School day" and the opening ceremony of the new school year in all schools were well organized. The 2019 National High School Graduation Examination was well organized. The rate of high school graduates of this year was 96.4% (98.94% in 2018).     

In the year the province provided employment consultancy and introduced new jobs to 2,650 labors, of which there were 1,378 labors getting stable jobs and 349 labors going out to work in foreign countries. The province has also implemented the national target program for sustainable poverty reduction in 2019, in which the rate of poor households decreases from 3.41% at the end of 2018 to 2.51% at the end of 2019, reaching the target. It is estimated there will be 90% of the population having health insurance until the end of 2019, also reaching over the proposed target.

- National defense, political security and social order and safety in the province have continued to be stably maintained, creating favorable environment for economic development and social stability. Organizing meetings and dialogues between the authorities and local citizens who have complaints, especially those presided by Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, is one of the priorities of local authorities. They positively contribute to easing the situation of complaints and lawsuits of some citizens in the province recently. Administrative reforms, especially the application of information technology to processing administrative formalities, have made obvious improvements thanks to the high determination of the Provincial Party Committee and People's Committee. This is specifically shown in granting or issuing of land use right certificates and investment and business certificates. Inspection, justice and home affairs have been carried out as planned. In particular, the dialogues with local people on the implementation of the PAPI index has made positive changes, contributing to help them understand more about the operation of the governmental system from the province to districts, communes, wards and towns. Anti-corruption and waste prevention have continued to be seriously implemented by all governmental levels, resulting in no serious and complicated cases happening in the province. The Provincial Public Security Department has well done measures to manage, detect and prevent complicated cases of security and social order; therefore, in the last months of the year, the criminal situation has had many positive changes. 

- International integration and foreign affairs have continued to be implemented widely, deeply and practically, positively contributing to promoting the image of Tien Giang province. The economic diplomacy has continued to be strengthened by the establishment and maintenance of contact with diplomatic missions and foreign business associations and investors. The cultural diplomacy and foreign information have been deepened and well served for the diplomatic works of the Party Committee, State and people exchanges. The province successfully organized the conference on connecting oversea Vietnamese for integration and development of the home land. The governmental management of international workshops and conferences has fully complied with the relevant regulations and orientations.

Despite the aforementioned difficulties, with the high determination of government of all levels as well as the continuous endeavors, business community and local people, the socio-economic situation in 2019 continues to grow stably with many sectors having high growth in comparison with the proposed targets and the same period last year. In the context of broader and deeper international integration, optimistic prospects resulted from new generation free-trade agreements Viet Nam has just signed together with her rising position and strength, it is expected that there will be opportunities with positive effects on the socio-economic development of the province in 2020. With the current development momentum and the determination of authorities of all levels, business community and local people, Tien Giang province will continue to reach and exceed important growth targets in the 2016-2020 period./.

Translated by the Department of Foreign Affairs


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