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Implementing the guideline of the Party and Government on multilateralizing and diversifying diplomatic relati...

Many positive results gained after 4 years of implementing the development plan for 03 economic-urban regions in Tien Giang
Many positive results gained after 4 years of implementing the development plan for 03 economic-urban regions in Tien Giang - 13/04/2021

Like some localities in the Mekong delta, Tien Giang has its own potential and strength in human resources, soil condition, ecology, socio-technical infrastructur...

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International relations International relations

70th Anniversary of establishing the diplomatic relation between Vietnam and China: looking back the cooperation process of Tien Giang province with Chinese partners

Vietnam and China are neighboring countries, sharing the border line with ranges of mountains and river, having the similar political system and choice of development course, the same features of culture, social affairs and tradition. Rightly after building up the state, China was as the first country in the world to set up the diplomatic relation with Vietnam on January 18th, 1950; and the two countries unanimously elevated their relation into strategic and comprehensive cooperation partnership in 2008. The founders of the Vietnam and China relation are Presidents Ho Chi Minh and Mao Zedong and revolutionary frontrunners of two Parties and Nations. From the time of normalizing the relation of two countries in 1991 until now, in general the Vietnam - China relation has been quickly refreshed and strongly developed. Although experiencing ups and downs in the relationship for years of two nations history, China has been considered as a very important partner in all fields of politics, economics, investment, trade, culture, education..., even security and defence in the recent years. At present the relationship of two countries has been well widened and deepened as expected and recorded through regularly sustaining the high ranking leadership meetings and exchanging over 300 annual visits and working sessions by different levels. Both sides built up the partnership exchanges joined by various levels and branches to promote the bilateral cooperation in the various areas as from the party relation to the state diplomacy, collaboration in defense, security, economics and people exchanges... The real facts of 70-year cooperation course showed that the Vietnam - China relation has developed sustainably, fruitfully, suitable with the basic benefits of two nations; been good for peace, stability and properity in the region and the world.

In terms of Tien Giang province the cooperation process with Chinese partners had started very early, just in the first stage of expoitation and exploration of the Southern land. Being marked by the history that in the beginning of the 17th century Vietnamese immigrants from the North and Central part of Vietnam together with Minh Huong people (Chinese persons immigrating to Vietnam due to being unhappy with Geat Qing dynasty) came here for exploitation and setting up My Tho village and presently becoming My Tho city as the political, economic, scio-cultural centre of Tien Giang province. Experiencing long time of hard working and reforms and thanks to encouraging exploitation policies of Nguyen dynasty they changed My Tho from the wild land into urban area with developing agriculture and rich residential area. Here most of Minh Huong people run their trading and set up light industry facilities, restaurants and consequently attracted people to come here for living and doing their business. Until the end of the 17th century Nguyen Lord permitted them to set up Minh Huong village. According to Phan An in the writing on Chinese in the Southern central part and South of 17th-18th century "This is a Chinese community immigrated and well integrated into Vietnamese local community and being considered as citizens of the Southern feudal dynasty. Basically, Minh Huong village is much the same as other Vietnamese villages and then is considered as administrative unit of the Vietnamese feudal dynasty". Experiencing years of ups and downs of the nation's history the Chinese community in My Tho had completely integrated into the local people's life and contributed a lot in the socio-eonomic development process of the locality. Looking back the cooperation process of Tien Giang province and Chinese partners in ten years of from 2010 to 2020 it is possible to record some significant features as follows:

- Firstly mentioning the delegations exchanges from 2010 until now Tien Giang government received over 16 high ranking leadership delegations coming from Chinese organizations, localities and diplomatic agencies; and in return the province took many business trips led by provincial leadership to come China for visiting and working with Chinese localities. Moreover, annually the top leaders of the province also accompanied the central level delegations to come China for visiting and working with Chinese partners. This resulted in strengthening the cooperation partnership with Chinese partners as widely and fruitfully as expected, well contributed in the course of the socio-economic development of the province in ten past years.

- In terms of Chinese businesses' investment in Vietnam until November of the year 2019 there have been 2,739 FDI projects with the total investment capital of 16.1 billion USD, ranked 7/132 countries and territories having investment in Vietnam. In Tien Giang province in 2010 there were only 12 projects of Chinese investment of 94 million USD (including Hongkong and Taiwan), the number of Chinese projects went up 48 projects with 1.86 billion USD investment capital by the end of 2019, ranked the first among countries and territories having investment in the province. Of which there have been some big Chinese investors as the Quizhou Tyre Corporation Limited, Texhong Ngan Long Textile Corporation Limited, Want Want Group, Hailiang Copper Manufacturing Corporation Limited, Yongjin Metal Technology Corporation Limited, Apache Footwear Corporation Limited... Their investment mainly focused on manufacturing garment produtcs, processing aquatic products, food, metal of various kinds, plastic produtcs, fish raising, electronic components... It has created ten thousands jobs and remarkably contributed to the provincial budget collection in the recent years. In addition these projects added more source to the total provincial investment and promote development of supportive industry and services of all kinds.

- In terms of import and export from 2010 until now China has been ranked as the largest trading partner of Vietnam, the biggest importer and the second biggest exporter, while Vietnam is the biggest trading partner of China in ASEAN community, the 8th biggest trading partner, the 5th biggest exporter and the 9th biggest importer of China in the world. The trading turnover increased from 8.22 billion USD in 2010 to 117 billion USD in 2019, increased by 14 times after 9 years of commercial exchanges. Integrating the fast national flow of trading exchanges the trading relations of Tien Giang and Chinese partners have also well enlarged by years. In 2010 the import - export turnover of Tien Giang was 630 million USD, of which there was 495 million USD of export with main products as garments, rice, fruits and vegetalbes, fish and handicarfts. Particularly, the export volume to the Chinese market was still small of 1.8 million USD with the main products as coconut shell activated carbon, frozen fruits and vegetables, fish and garments and the import from Chinese partners was 41.66 million USD. In the 2019 the import - export turnover of Tien Giang exceeded 5 billion USD, of which the export attained around 3.25 billion USD with 40% of commodities exported to China and 18% of the volume imported from Chinese partners.

- Looking at tourism sector from 2010 until now China is always considered as the largest tourist market of Vietnam. If the number of Chinese tourists came to Vietnam was 909 thousands in 2010 this number exceeded 5.8 million arrivals in 2019, increased by 5.38 times compared to the year 2010. In return there are more Vietnamese visitors to choose China as their favorite tourist destinations and became a second largest tourist market for Chinese tourist businesses. According to the report released by UNWTO there were 3.1 Vietnamese tourists to visit China in 2016, ranked the top in ASEAN countries. Regarding Tien Giang tourism there were 56,241 Chinese of 472,839 international visitors, occupying 12% of the total number of international tourist to come to Tien Giang in 2010. By the end of 2019 the number of Chinese tourists visiting the province exceeded 93,210 arrivals, doubly increased compared to the beginning year of the decade.

- The exchanges and cooperation between the Central Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front and National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and central agencies as: Diplomatic, Defense, Public Security... have been continuously strengthened by years. Until now both sides well organized 11 meetings of the Bilateral Cooperation Steering Committee as well as the other activities as Vietnam - China border friendship defense exchanges, strategic security and defense talks; keeping up each other visits by naval ships and common patrol on land and Tokin gulf, together inspecting the fishing operation between Vietnam Coast Guard and China General Department of Marine Surveillance... The cooperation between Vietnamese localities and Chinese provinces and cities, especially with Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan... has been taking place excitedly and effectively. Nowadays there have been around 50 provinces and cities of Vietnam setting up the friendship cooperation with provinces, cities and autonomous regions of China. The mechanism, programs of cooperation and exchanges of both sides' localities have been usually conducted such as: New Year meetings of Party Secretary of 04 provinces: Quang Ninh, Lang Son, Cao Bang, Ha Giang of Vietnam with Party Secretary of Choang Autonomous Region of Guangxi province and the Joint Task Committee of these 4 provinces and Guangxi province; meetings of reviewing the cooperation progress among ministries and localities of Vietnam with Guangdong province; Group of Joint tasks among provinces and Yunnan province; the economic lobby cooperation among 05 provinces Lao Cai, Ha Noi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh and Yunnan province. The exchanges and discussions of people's associations have been also fortified and widened, contributing in advancing beneficial cooperation, creating solid foundation for two sides' relation. Recently, both sides do well coordination in holding diversified forums as People's forum, People's friendship festivals, festivals of people's living in border areas, friendship young meetings, young festivals... Welcoming these activities, in the recent years Tien Giang government has appointed many young delegations to participate and contribute in reinforcing and connecting young people of two countries in general and Tien Giang province with Chinese localities in particular.

- In terms of other cooperation it can be said that in the recent years the Chinese Government has granted some preferential loans and unreturnable aids to some Northern provinces of Vietnam in the areas as people living, health care, education; emergency supports to people living in the central part and South of Vietnam for overcoming loses causing by natural disasters. Both sides came to the agreement in boosting the cooperation in agriculture, water source, environment, science and technology, transportation, culture, sports, education and health care. At present there are around 11,000 Vietnamese students to follow various training courses in China and about 2,000 Chinese students studying in Vietnam. At Tien Giang province we received 05 aids of Tzuchi, one Taiwanese non-governmental organization with the support of 1.346 billion VND in activities of medical care and granting necessities of life to poor people from 2010 until the end of 2019.

It can be sait that the relationship between Tien Giang province and Chinese partners was early set up and followed the cooperation course of two countries, taking place strongly, particularly from the time of approval to buid up the Longjiang Industrial Park in Tien Giang by two governments in 2007. This is a good foundation for Tien Giang province to call investment from Chinese businesses, especially investors with high financial capacity, big scale of operation and modern technology, step by step to develop the Longjiang Industrial Park into the top investment place in the Mekong Delta.

The achievements recorded after 70 years of China - Vietnam cooperation can be viewed as the precious property of two nations which was created by different generations. The year 2020 is very special for two countries to organize various events of anniversary and friendship exchanges regarding different areas and levels and branches. We have strong confidence that these activities will produce new motivation of the two countries' relation and hope that the year 2020 will mark new stage of higher development in the relationship between two Parties, States and Nations in general and Tien Giang province with Chinese partners in particular./.

Translated by the Department of Foreign Affairs


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