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A delegation of the Committee for foreign non-governmental organization affairs paid a working visit to Tien Giang

On November 24th 2020, under the authorization of the provincial People's Committee, Mr. Luu Van Phi - Director of Department of foreign affairs together with leaders of some relevant provincial authorities had a meeting with a delegation of the Committee for Foreign Non-governmental Organization Affairs led by Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hung - Head of the People's Aid Co-ordinating Committee (PACCOM) of Vietnam Union of Friedship Organizations.

The aim of the working visit was to learn about the implementation of directives of central agencies on managing and receiving foreign non-governmental aids in Tien Giang as well as related difficulties faced in the process; share information on and orient the mobilizing methods in the upcoming time and carry out an inspection of some foreign NGO projects in the province. In his opening remarks, Mr. Luu Van Phi extended his pleasure to work with the delegation. He, as well as the provincial attendees, informed the delegation of the management and receipt of foreign NGO aids of the province and some related difficulties in recent years then made some proposals.

(Photo: Minh Đat)

Up to now, there are 42 registered foreign NGOs having activities in Tien Giang in accordance with the Government's Decree No 12/2012/ND-CP dated 01/3/2012 on registering and managing activities of foreign NGOs in Vietnam. They work in a variety of fields namely economic development, social security (hunger eradication and poverty reduction, households' economic development, income improvement, enhancing living condition of disadvantaged people, taking care of the disadvantaged elderly and orphans); health care (epidemic prevention, improving medical facilities and health care quality); education (improving educational facilities and quality, providing scholarships for poor but hard-working students); climate change adaptation (enhancing community awareness of natural disaster risk reduction, helping households, schools and medical stations enhance their capability of preventing and combating flood and storm.

In 2018-2020 period, the provincial People's Committee approved the receipt of 72 foreign NGO aids (15 projects and 57 non-project aids) worth approximately 3.177 million USD (an increase of 30.52% compared to 2015-2017 period). They are mainly in the following fields: health care, education and training, solving social issues, natural resources and environment. These humanitarian aids, which aim to support and improve disadvantaged people's life, have contributed to the provincial social security and improving the educational environment. A majority of them have suitable scale for the implementing agencies, serve right recipients and are conducted in accordance with their signed agreement.

The provincial leadership has always created favorable conditions for the provincial organizations in their aid mobilization, cooperation establishment with foreign NGOs and receipt of foreign NGO aids. The collaboration with the NGOs is good to ensure the aid management and use to comply with the orientation of the Party and State. Therefore, the recent results are highly appreciated. However, there are still some difficulties. The complicated Covid-19 pandemic hinders the mobilization in 2020, which is expected to continue in 2021 and the following years. At the same time, the implementation of the current projects also face difficulties because international visitors can't come to the province to carry out them. Additionally, the mobilization isn't done with new NGOs with large funding. Some government agencies and district-level authorities don't pay enough attention to the mobilization activities and don't proactively make programs or projects calling for foreign NGO aid.

Visiting a loan borrower of Tien Giang Capital Aid Fund for Women's Economic Development (Photo: Khac Huy)

Matters regarding the collaboration in aid mobilization, financial management, political security, granting foreign NGOs operation permits and managing their activities were also discussed.

In his concluding remarks, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hung highly appreciated the initiative of the provincial Department of Foreign Affairs and other relevant agencies in proposing the implementation of guideline of the central agencies as well as a complete legal corridor for managing the activities of foreign NGOs in the province. He also emphasized that: in the upcoming period, due to Covid-19 pandemic, the mobilization would face a lot of difficulties. Therefore, the provincial government agencies needed to have a close cooperation in managing and mobilizing foreign NGO aid; improve their introduction of programs and projects calling for foreign NGO aid; enhance the inspection, collect relevant information, assist the NGOs to conduct their programs and projects in the province, reform the formalities for project approval, etc. Especially, Tien Giang needed to pay more attention to inspecting the implementation of projects after they are approved and when they are completed to evaluate their effectiveness.

In his responding remarks, Mr. Luu Van Phi expressed his consensus on those recommendations and would report them to the provincial People's Committee as well as well-cooperating with other relevant agencies in advising the People's Committee to enhance the management, appraisal and inspection of foreign NGOs' conducting their programs and projects in the upcoming time.

During their visit to Tien Giang, in the afternoon, the provincial Women's Union guided the delegation to visit some participating households to learn about the livelihood supporting project of Norwegian Mission Alliance (NMA) in the province./.

Translated by the Department of Foreign Affairs


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