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Go Cong town successfully completed a dual task in building its rural area of new development model and being recognized to reach urban civilization standards

An important political and economic event for the government and people in Go Cong town in particular and Tien Giang province in general just took place on August 27th, 2020. Tien Giang People's Committee held a ceremony to announce the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1214/QD-TTg recognizing Go Cong town to complete building a rural area of new development model in 2020 and Decision No. 1731/QD-UBND of the provincial People's Committee recognizing its achievement of urban civilization standards in the 2016-2020 period.

This is the second district-level unit of Tien Giang province successfully completing building rural areas of new development model after My Tho city, recognized by the Prime Minister in mid-April 2020. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Le Van Huong, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; Ms. Chau Thi My Phuong, Alternate Member of the Party Central Committee, Head of the provincial Party Commission on Popularization and Education; Ms. Nguyen Thi Sang, Member of the Provincial Party Standing Committee, Vice Chairwoman of the Provincial People's Council; Mr. Le Van Nghia, Member of Provincial Party Standing Committee, First Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; other Vice Chairmen of the People's Committee, members of the provincial Party Standing Committee; leaders of the provincial authorities; former leaders of the Provincial Party Committee and People's Committee; leaders of the Town Party Committee, People's Committee and authorities.

Giving his welcome speech at the ceremony, Mr. Pham Anh Tuan - Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee highly appreciated the results of Go Cong Town in building its rural area of new development model and its achievement of urban civilization standards. At the same time, he also requested the town authorities to continue establishing the plan in details, and have specific solutions to further improving its currently-met criteria of building rural area of new development model in the upcoming time, striving to build Go Cong as a provincially-administered city in the 2021 - 2025 period.

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Go Cong town is one of 11 district-level administrative units of Tien Giang and the economic center of the eastern part of the province. It was established on February 16th, 1987, is located about 35km from My Tho city to the west and serves as the eastern gateway of Tien Giang to Long An province and Ho Chi Minh city via My Loi bridge. The  process of foundation and development of Go Cong town has left its own distinctive marks with humanity imprints and created its own traditional cultural values, still preserved and promoted to serve the local socio-economic development.

Go Cong town has 05 wards, 07 communes and an economic structure of 03 relatively equal sectors namely agriculture, industry - construction and service. In 2017, the Ministry of Construction issued a Decision recognizing it as a third-grade urban unit of a province.

The town started implementing the National Target Program on Building Rural Areas of New Development Model in 2011. At first, it faced a lot of difficulties, for example: high poverty rate in rural areas, about 9.63%; the satisfied criteria/commune being 08 averagely and per capita income of about 11.24 million dongs/year in rural areas.

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However, after 10 years of implementing the National Program of development of new rural areas and thanks to the creativity and determination of both the political system and local people, the appearance of its rural area has changed a lot. Rural asphalt roads has been built, ensuring comfortable transportation all year round; the ratio of kindergartens, primary schools and lower secondary schools in the communes which answered the national standards are over 82.35%; the technical infrastructure facilities adaptable to new rural standards have been invested as expected.

Currently, there have been more than 278 businesses and 5,324 service entities, which have actively been contributing to its development; creating more than 6,000 regular jobs, and improving income for the people in the area. After 10 years of making efforts, the average income per capita in rural area in 2019 was improved, reaching about 51.71 million VND/year, an increase of nearly 10 times compared to 2011; the poverty rate in rural area decreased from 9.63% to 2.6%; political security, and social order and safety in the town was maintained; and the political system has constantly been strengthened in all aspects.

At the ceremony, under the authorization of the Prime Minister, Mr. Le Van Huong - Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee presented the Prime Minister's Decision recognizing Go Cong town to complete building rural area of new development model in 2020; Mr. Le Van Nghia - First Vice Chairman of the People's Committee presented the Emulation Flag of the People's Committee and Mr. Tran Van Dung - Vice Chairman of the People's Committee presented the People's Committee's Decision recognizing Go cong town as civilized urban unit. The People's Committee also awarded 01 welfare project worth 3 billion VND to Go Cong town.

On this occasion, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee also gave certificates of merit to 02 groups and 14 individuals; and the Chairman of the town People's Committee gave certificates of merit to 35 groups and 10 individuals for outstanding achievements in developing the town and assisted it with the successful completion of building rural area of new development model as well as being recognized to reach the urban civilization standards in the 2021-2025 period.

These achievements in the past 10 years obviously shows the efforts and strong determination of the Party, authorities and people of the town to strive to change the look of its suburban area with new, modern infrastructure, gradually meeting the needs of its residents, whose material and spiritual life has also been improved. And the gap between urban and rural areas has gradually been narrowed. The government and people of Go Cong town can be proud of what they have accomplished; and it is hoped that in the near future, Tien Giang province will have more district - level units recognized as rural areas of new development model as the expectation of many provincial people and also those who are living far away from their hometown./.

Translated by the Department of Foreign Affairs


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