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Overview of Tien Giang socio-economic development in 2020

There are only a few days left before the year 2020 will be over, a year with many difficulties and challenges, especially the double impacts from the drought and saltwater penetration and Covid-19 epidemic, rightly from the first months of the year. Sometimes, having a thought that Tien Giang authorities would not overcome the serious natural disaster and epidemic. But with the consensus and determination of all levels of government, people and businesses, the socio-economic situation of the province in 2020 continues to develop steadily, although there are some targets that do not meet the plan. However, the economic size of the province is still in the top of the Mekong Delta provinces. The specific results of sev­eral key sectors were as follows:

- Economic growth: The gross regional domestic product (GRDP) in 2020 is estimated to increase by 1.5% (planned to increase by 7.0-7.5%), down 5 percentage points compared to 2019. In particular, the agricultural, forestry and fishery sectors decreased by 1% (planned to increase by 3.3-3.5%); the industrial and construction sectors increased by 4.1% (planned to increase by 12.4-13.4%); the service sector increased by 2.0% (planned to increase by 6.3-6.7%). The total GRDP (current price) in 2020 is estimated at VND 101,728 billion (~USD 4.42 billion); GRDP per person reached VND 57.4 million per person (planned to reached VND 55.3 million), an increase of VND 2.1 million compared to 2019. The economic structure has still remained in the positive trend, in which the proportion of agricultural, forestry and fishery sectors accounts for 38.6% (equal to the same period in 2019); industrial and construction sector increased from 26.8% to 26.9%; service area is almost unchanged.

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- Agricultural and aquaculture production: It is expected that the food production will reach about 822.5 thousand tons, attaining 78% of the plan and decreasing by 27.9% compared to 2019. The fruit production is over 1.56 million tons, reaching 91.3% of the plan, down 5.7% over the same period. As of November 1st, 2020, the provincial total herd of cattle and poultry is as follows: 119.5 thousand cows, down 0.8%; 263 thousand pigs, down 28%; 17.6 million poultry, up 14.2% over the same period. The total seafood production reached about 300.6 thousand tons, down 6.1% compared to 2019. In terms of building rural areas following the new model of development, in November there were more 07 communes to reach new rural standards, raising the total number of communes meeting new rural standard by the end of November to 114/143 communes, accounting for 79.7% of the total communes across the province. According to the roadmap, by the end of 2020, the province will have 28 more communes, meeting new rural standards, raising the total number of communes meeting the new rural standards in the province to 119/143 communes, accounting for 83.2%, exceeding the target set by the Resolution. There are 03 municipalies: My Tho city, Go Cong town and Cai Lay town to complete the task of building new rural areas and 02 districts: Cho Gao and Go Cong Dong, meeting new rural district standards.

- Industry: The industrial production value is estimated at VND 105,682 billion (~USD 4.6 billion), up 9.2% compared to 2019; the industrial production index increased by 5% over the same period. Regarding the development of industrial zones and clusters (IPs, ICs), Tien Giang was approved by the Prime Minister to plan 07 industrial zones with a total planned land area of 2,083.5 hectares, of which 04 industrial zones were put into operation with an area of 1,101.5 hectares, accounting for 52.9% of the planned area. Up to now, IPs have attracted 107 projects (including 76 FDI projects) with a total investment of over USD 2.3 billion and VND 5,080 billion; the rental area reached 70.8% and provided jobs for about 87,667 employees. Regarding the ICs, there were 09 ICs approved by the Provincial People's Committee with a total area of 344 hectares, of which 05 ICs had their investors. Up to now, 79 secondary projects (including 06 FDI projects) have been attracted, with a leasing area of 38.5% and a total registered investment capital of VND 5,626.6 billion and 16,418 employees.

- Trade & tourism: Total retail sales of goods and social services are estimated at VND 65,000 billion (~USD 2.82 billion), up 4.7% over the same period and reaching 95.6% of the year plan due to the negative impact of Covid-19 epidemic. As accumulated, the tourist number coming to the province in the year are expected to be 800 thousand visitors, down 60.5% over the same period and reaching 21.5% of the year plan; of which, international visitors 200 thousand visitors, decreased 69.3% over the same period and reached 22.47% of the year plan. The total tourism service revenue in 11 months reached VND 10,962 billion (~USD 476.6 million), down 6.9% over the same period.

- Export-import: It is expected that the export turnover of goods in the whole year reaches about USD 3 billion, down 1.8% over the same period and reaching 88.2% of the year plan. In terms of export markets, Asia continues to account for a high proportion of 43%, down 8.7% over the same period; America - 35.6%, down 20% over the same period; Europe - 17.6%, down 10.9% over the same period; Oceania and Africa account for a small proportion. The main exported products are copper pipes, garments, leather shoes, bags, plastic products.

In terms of imports, it is expected to reach USD 1.8 billion in 2020, down 9.5% over the same period and reaching 90% of the year plan. The main imported products include: copper raw materials (accounting for 39%), sewing materials, footwear, bags (14%), raw material fabrics (14.7%), remaining raw materials (animal feed, pharmaceutical raw materials, plastic materials ...).

- Budget revenue and expenditure: The total state budget revenue in the province is expected to be VND 10,843 billion (~USD 471.43 million), reaching 97.5% of the estimate and decreasing by 3.7% over the same period. The total state budget expenditure is expected to be VND 19,917 billion (~USD 866 million), reaching 144.7% over the year estimate and up 7.8% over the same period; in which the investment expenditures for development made VND 5,529.6 billion (~USD 240.4 million), reaching 122.7% of the annual estimate, up 26.5% over the same period.

- Credit and banking: The operation of the system of commercial banks in the province continues to ensure stability and growth over the same period despite the impact of Covid-19 epidemic. It is estimated that the total deposit raised in the province is estimated at VND 76,391 billion (~USD 3.32 billion), up 10% over the same period; the total outstanding debt reached VND 64,198 billion (~USD 2.79 billion), an increase of 14% compared to 2019; where the bad debt ratio is 1.79%, within the safe limits.

- Business development: By the end of December 2020, there are 750 newly established enterprises in the province, up 12% compared to 2019, with a total registered capital of VND 6,000 billion (~USD 260.86 million). Particularly, the number of subordinate branches under the newly established registration is 1,200 units, up 98% compared to 2019. By the end of 2020, the total number of enterprises operating in the province is 6,279 enterprises, exceeding the target of Resolution 06-NQ/TU of the Provincial Committee (By 2020, the province has more than 5,000 enterprises). The total number of newly established business households in the province in November is 540 households, accumuling the number of newly registered business households in the province by the end of November 2020 is 4,800 households, up 25% over the same period of 2019.

- Investment attraction: It is expected that the province will attract 37 projects with a total registered investment of VND 17,779 billion (~773 million USD), including 26 domestic projects with an investment of VND 14,570 billion (~USD 633.47 million) and 11 foreign projects with an investment of VND 3,209 billion (~USD 139.5 million); there are 10 projects registered to increase the investment capital of VND 1,110 billion. Totally, it is to raise the total investment capital including both new and increased in 2020, reaching VND 18,889 billion (~USD 821.26 million), up 33.5% compared to 2019. There are some big projects such as Tan Phu Dong 1 wind power plant with an investment of VND 4,464 billion (~USD 194 million), Tan Phu Dong 2 wind power plant with an investment of VND 2,242 billion (~97.47 million USD), the Project of building port and depot for petroleum, liquefied gas and post-petroleum products of VND 3,646 billion (~USD 158.5 million),...

- Culture and social affairs: Although being affected by the epidemics, salinity penetration, droughts and economic decline as mentioned above, the socio-cultural sectors are taking place according to the assigned plan and continue to make positive changes. Specifically, the education sector has well performed the key tasks of the school year 2019 - 2020. The proportion of pupils mobilized to attend schools following the age groups at all levels reached 100% of the target. The Health Sector continues to focus on appropriate and synchronized solutions to prevent epidemics both internally and externally from entering the country. As of the mid of December, the province had received 11 evacuations for quarantine with a total of 2,616 citizens; currently in collaboration with relevant departments and branches it is to continue monitoring the health of 233 Vietnamese citizens from Singapore on quarantine at the former Provincial Military School campus from December 7th, 2020. At the same time, it continues to supervise the health of the people as well as provincial officials and civil servants after the infection case in Ho Chi Minh City. The cultural, artistic, physical training and sports activities, propaganda are carried out in various and living forms, focusing on celebrating holidays, Tet and important events of the country and the province, especially propaganda about the party congress of all levels to the 13th Centrtal Congress of the Party.  The social security work is actively ensured in the complicated context of the Covid-19 epidemic, with a focus on helping disadvantaged people losing their jobs, reducing their income to overcome impact of the epidemics, ensuring that no one is left behind. It is made sure to well implement all the policies for people with meritorious services, timely payment of full preferential subsidy regimes for people with meritorious services; well organize visits and give gifts to families having good public services on the occasion of traditional Tet, big holidays. Well mobilizing the Gratitude Fund and taking care, providing education and protection for children.

In addition to the above mentioned results, the situation of political security and social order and safety continues to be stable, not let complicated cases take place in the area; the scientific research, technology transfer, teaching and learning, entertainment, protection and exploitation of natural resources and environment, judicial work, inspection, administrative reform, internal affairs, foreign affairs... have completed their targets and tasks of the year plan and continue to ensure the prevention of disease outbreak inside and from outside.

The year 2020 has passed over with many difficulties as mentioned above, especially in the first months of the year. But thanks to the high determination of the political system, people and businesses, the socio-economic development situation of the province still ensures stability and creates a fairly solid foundation for 2021. In 2020, the province also completed the organization of the Party Congress of the 2020-2025 term at all levels and elected key leaders of the province. With new favorable factors, it is expected that in 2021, the socio-economic development situation of the province will continue to prosper and increasingly successfully integrate into the region and the world./.

Translated by the Department of Foreign Affairs


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