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Tien Giang’s socio-economic situation is keeping up stable in the first 9 months of 2020 in spite of facing full of difficulties

In the context of the international and regional situation facing many complex fluctuations due to increasingly encountering and fierce political competition between the major countries; the US-China trade war to fracture the global supply chain, pushing up the prices of many goods and services and causing risks in the international financial and monetary markets; at the same time, due to the epidemic situation, especially the Covid-19 pandemic being still complicated, the fierce drought and salinity as well as lack of fresh water for production and domestic use of the people, taking place in the first months of the year..., all of them has caused many negative impacts on the people's lives and production and business activities of enterprises in the province.

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Confronting difficulties and challenges as mentioned above, thanks to their high determination in the direction and administration of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Committee and the close supervision of the Provincial People's Council, along with the efforts of sectors, levels, business community and people in the province, the socio-economic situation after the past 9 months still has bright points in development. The specific results of sev­eral key sectors were as follows:

- The provincial economic growth (GRDP) in the first 9 months of the year reached the growth rate of 0.45% compared to the same period of 6.1%. Of which, the agriculture, forestry and fishery sector increased by 2.83%; Industry - construction sector increased by 3.56% and service sector increased by 1.74%. The economic structure shifted towards increasing the proportion of non-agricultural sector and reducing that of the agricultural sector although having slow change. According to collected data, the industry - construction sector occupied 28.5%; the service sector is still the same as the previous time of 27.8%; and the agriculture, forestry and fishery sector decreased occupied 40.6%.

- Agriculture and fishery: the yield of rice production achieved 675,900 tons, attaining 65.1% of the year plan and decreasing by 31.1% compared to the same period last year. The yield of tropical fruit production achieved 1.365 million tons, increasing by 4.7% compared to the same period last year. Up to September 1st, 2020, the total herd of cattle and poultry of the province is as follows: 118.2 thousand cows, 289.3 thousand pigs, 16.8 million poultry. The total yield of aquatic products reached 237.8 thousand tons, down 0.7% over the same period. In general, in the first 9 months of the year, the production value of agriculture, forestry and fishery is estimated at VND 37,263 billion (~US$1.62 billion), down 3.4% over the same period; in particular, the value of agricultural production decreased by 1.58%.

In terms of movement of building rural areas with new development model in the 9 months of 2020 the local authorities organized the ceremony to welcome more 15 communes to achieve all the criteria as required, accumulated until the end of September of the year 2020 there were 106/143 villages to achieve the required criteria, attaining the ratio of 74.1%, exceeding the target set by the Resolution (The Resolution target to 2020 is projected to have 50% of communes meeting the new rural standards); 02 urban units: My Tho city, Go Cong town and 02 districts: Go Cong Dong and Cho Gao have been recognized by the Prime Minister to complete the task of building new rural areas and meeting the new rural district standards.

- Industry: Despite the strong impact of covid-19 epidemic, industrial production continued to grow steadily and slightly increased over the same period with key items increasing quite well such as cables and conductors increased by 47.3%, sneakers of all kinds - by 24.2%, garments - by 26.4%, copper pipes - 12.1%. Industrial production value in the first 9 months reached VND 71,997 billion (~US$3.13 billion), an increase of 2.77% over the same period. The industrial zones and clusters (IPs, ICs) continue to operate steadily, namely: Long Giang Industrial Park continues to improve the remaining technical infrastructure items to call for investment. Soai Rap Oil and Gas Services Industrial Park has been approved by the Provincial People's Committee with its cost estimate of setting up the plan of detailed construction with the ratio of 1/2,000 and doing relevant procedures to choose the right consultancy unit to make the plan of 1/2,000 by regulations. For ICs, investors continue to complete the land procedures to implement the projects which have got investment policy such as: Gia Thuan 2, My Phuoc Tay, Thanh Tan, An Thanh 2. Particularly, the investor of Gia Thuan 1 has continued to improve its infrastructure facilities and negotiate with secondary investors on the lease of land at the same time.

- Trade & tourism: Total retail sales of consumer goods and services in the first 9 month reached VND 45,700 billion (~US$1.26 billion), declining by 0.7% compared to the same period and attaining 67.2% of the year plan. The tourist number reached about 602.2 thousand arrivals, decreasing by 79.9% compared to the same period and attaining 60% of the year plan; of which there were 96,100 international tourists, decreasing by 79.9% compared to the same period. Revenues from tourism services of all kinds in 9 months reached VND 4,210 billion (~US$ 183 million), decreasing by 15.5% compared to the same period last year.

- Export-import: Commodity export turnover in the first 9 months of 2020 reached US$2.2 billion, decreasing by 4.2% compared to the same period and attaining 64.7% of the year plan. Some major exported products were recorded as follows: copper pipes reached US$453.3 million, up 5.5% over the same period; garments - US$430.8 million, down 4.2%; leather shoes - US$322.8 million, down 2.9%; handbags, plastic products - US$232 million, down 29.5%. In terms of the major export markets, Asian market as mostly accounted for 40.5%, down 1.8% over the same period; followed by the America - 39.5%, down 1.3%; Europe - 16.9%, down 14.4%; Oceania - 2.1%, up 3%; Africa - 1%, down 28.8%.

Import turnover in the first 9 months of the year was about US$1.2 billion, reaching 60.3% of the plan and decreasing by 27% over the same period; of which, the main imported products are: copper raw materials account for 32.8%; sewing materials, shoe leather, handbags - 15.1%; fabric raw materials - 11.7%; remaining raw materials for processing animal feed, pharmaceuticals, plastics,...

- Budget revenue and expenditure: State budget revenue in the first 9 months was VND 7,915 billion (~US$344 million), attaining 71.1% of the year estimate, decreasing by 5.3% compared to the same period. Total state budget expenditure in 9 months was VND 13,263 billion (~US$ 576.65 million), attaining 96.4% of the year estimate, increasing by 62% compared to the same period. Of which, the expenditure for investment and development was VND 4,021 billion (~US$ 174.82 million), attaining 89.3% of the year estimate, increasing by 60.1% compared to the same period.

- Credit and banking: Until the end of September of 2020 the mobilized capital in the prov­ince would reach VND 73,593 billion (~US$3.2 billion), increasing by 5.97% compared to the same period last year. The total outstanding loan reached VND 59,967 billion (~US$2.6 billion), increasing by 6.49% compared to the same period last year.

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- Investment attraction: In the first 9 months, the province attracted 8 projects with the total registered investment of VND 3,859 billion (~US$167.8 million). Of which, the FDI capital is US$124.8 million, equal to 41.3% over the same period; including, the total investment capital of the new projects is VND 3,197.5 billion, equal to 36.6% over the same period, up 73% over the year plan; the adjusted investment capital increased by VND 662.2 billion, up 9.5% over the same period.

- Business development: In the 9 months, there were 590 newly established enterprises with the total registered capital of VND 3,300 billion, an increase of 25% in the number over the same period. By the end of September 2020, the province currently has about 6,216 enterprises in operation. The total number of newly established business households in the 9 months of 2020 is about 3,990 households, accumulating about 57,200 households to date in the province.

- Culture and social affairs: As mentioned above, in the last 9 months due to the impact of Covid-19 epidemic and drought and salinity taking place in the first months of the year, the sectors of education, health, culture - sports, entertainment, employment... have also encountered many difficulties. The Education and Training sector finished the task of the 2019-2020 school year, successfully completed the national high school graduation exam and has started the new school year 2020-2021. The health sector continues to focus on overall and appropriate measures to prevent the inside disease outbreak and outside pandemic to break into the country. Collaborating with other relevant departments and branches it continues to monitor the health status of 254 Vietnamese citizens from Australia to be isolated in the former Millitary College from September 24th, 2020. At the same time it continues to supervise and follow the health status of citizens and public officials and employees coming back from the disease outbreak areas to prevent infectious cases in the province at all.

- Labor & employment: In the first 9 months of the year, the employment has fluctuated sharply due to the impact of Covid-19 epidemic; many businesses have been forced to shrink production, cut or terminate labor contracts. The number of laborers leaving their jobs is increasing because businesses have little or no new recruitment demand; the number of workers sent to work abroad also fell sharply. In terms of poverty reduction, the National Target Program on Sustainable Poverty Reduction has been well implemented, prioritizing the performance of policies to help the poor in health, education, credit loans, vocational training, job creation, construction and repair of houses... The province is striving to reduce the poverty rate of the province by the end of 2020 to 1.99%.

- Foreign affairs: In the first 9 months of 2020, under the approval of the Provincial People's Committee there were 20 public officials and employees to go abroad for their business trips, down 46 turns over the same period and 49 ones for their person­al trips, down 254 turns over the same period. In terms of the coming delegations, the province welcomed 06 international delegations to visit and work with provincial leaders, increasing 01 delegation over the same period; approved for the provincial agencies and branches to receive and work with 40 foreign delegations, reducing 90 delegations over the same period. The political diplomatic activities have been conducted in a timely manner, actively contributing to the promotion of Tien Giang's image, strengthening and developing the friendship relations with the international organizations. Until now, regarding foreign non-governmental aids, the province received 4 project and 13 non-projects with a total value of about 11.8 billion dongs, a decrease of 68% over the same period

Apart from the aforementioned results, the political security, social order and safety continued to be stable and there was not any complicated case to arise in the provincial territory; the activities of scientific research, land management, environmental protection, exploitation of natural resources, justice, inspection, administrative reform, home affairs, telecommunication,... continue to perform their work as planned in the context of continuing to fight the coronavirus pandemic as mentioned above.

Tien Giang province has just past over 9 months of the year 2020 with extreme hardship in the country and the world, particularly in the first months of the year. For the 3 remaining months of the year, with the epidemic situation to be still complex the operation of businesses surely continues to face difficulty. Therefore, in order to be able to fulfill the goals of socio-economic development of the whole year 2020, it is required the government of all levels, branches, people and businesses must try their best to complete all the tasks as expected./.

Translated by the Department of Foreign Affairs


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